Breakfast: 2 egg omelette with a handful spinach, tomatoes, fat free cottage cheese. Vanilla mullerlight.

Lunch: 2 eggs with chopped spinach in. 2 syn free sausages. More spinach.

Snack: Scan Bran carrot cake (2 syns)

Dinner: Open burgers (made with ex. lean mince, onions and garlic) with salad and homemade chips. (Shall post pictures later) HeB - 60g wholemeal roll. HeA - 2 light babybel cheese inside the burgers. Yummmm!

Been sooooo good today, if I can keep this up, weigh in will be great. What’ve you all been eating? Give me some ideas for the weekend!

  1. lifeandtimesofjen said: cheese, biscuits and bread :( damn being home!
  2. do-it-your-weigh said: Sounds yummy! Went to my second Slimming World meeting last night and tried Curly Wurly cake made with Scan Bran - sooooo nice!
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